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PAYMILL GmbH Jul 29, 2019 9:11 am


** Current failed credit card transactions

Dear Merchant,

Unfortunately since the evening of 23rd of July several merchants are having issues with processing credit card transactions.
After initially expecting a technical issue we can now confirm that technically our system is working as expected.
CYBERservices Europe SA for their acquiring is temporariliy suspended following a decision of CSSF the Luxembourg banking authorities.
All merchants related to this acquirer can currently not process any credit card transactions.
SEPA transactions as well as PayPal and transactions to other acquirers are not affected.
We are currently moving the affected accounts to different acquirers in order to resolve this issue for you.
In some cases it might be needed to sign an additional contract in order to be active as soon as possible.
When that is the case for you, then we will get back to you once this is available.

We are very sorry for the recent situation.

Also please find here the most relevant questions in regards to that situation:

Q: Can I still process transactions?
A: SEPA and PayPal are still working as well as transactions processed by other acquirers. In case your transactions are processed via CYBERservices Europe SA then they currently fail.

Q: When can I process again properly?
A: We are doing our utmost to get the situation resolved by moving the accounts to different acquirers. In parallel CYBERservices Europe SA is working as well to get their suspension cleared in order to process as usual?

Q: Is my money secure?
A: The money from the processed transactions is hold on a trustees account and is secure.

Q: I cannot make a refund anymore. What to do?
A: Unfortunately due to the suspension the acquirer can neither perform transactions nor refunds at the moment. In urgent cases please consider making a direct wire transfer from your bank account to the end customer.

Q: How do I get my payout?
A: Again due to the suspension the acquirer cannot release the money right now. Please feel free to contact the CSSF with your remittance report to ask them for making the remittance.

If you have any other questions then please send an email to our support team.

Again please rest assured that we do our utmost to get the current situation resolved as quick as possible.

Kind regards,

Your PAYMILL team

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