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Why Dy'on Bridles & Leathergoods for your horse?

By Management Team

To purchase Dy'on is to bathe in milk and dry yourself off with a golden towel, at least right now anyway... in short Dy'on are currently the hottest leather goods brand in the world with people falling over themselves to clad their beloved in their glorious products.

We wanted to pay homage to a brand that we here at Just Riding love so much and our customers seem to love even more. By digitizing this wonderful article written by Kathy Carter.

From a simple product idea from a blacksmith, to worldwide product distribution – why equestrian equipment manufacturer Dy’on continues to stay at the top of its game. Belgium-based riding equipment manufacturer Dy’on SPRL began life over twenty years ago, in 1990.

It's founder, still the owner and main product designer at the company, started the self-titled brand in Namur in the south of Belgium, where the majority of the organisation’s production is still based. Philippe Dion was a blacksmith by trade, and a well-known show jumping rider at national level. One day, Philippe wanted to buy a pair of full length chaps, but couldn’t find any that were convenient to him in Namur; so he decided to make his own, along with his auntie Evelyne Van Dijck, a former tailor and sewing teacher. The first pair of famous Dy’on chaps had been created.







Spreading the Word

Philippe proudly wore his new chaps at the shows he was competing at, and the word began to spread – he was soon taking orders from friends for bespoke chaps, again making them with the talented Evelyne. Demand increased across Belgium so quickly that Philippe decided to setup a workshop in Namur.

Dy’on SPRL was officially launched, and ariding equipment empire was born. “We started manufacturing both full length and half chaps at this time, and I would go out and sell them exclusively in Dy'on stands in shows all around Europe,” Philippe recalls. “We specialised in custom made products, and offered fringes, detailing and piping on the full chaps. We and began distributing into retail shops as well the same year, although the main market was still at the shows.”

As Philippe Dion was traveling to the biggest shows in Europe, he was in contact with the world’s leading riders on the show jumping circuit at this time, from John Whitaker and Ludo Phillipaerts to Nelson Pessoa and Philippe Rozier. Philippe liaised closely with many of the riders in terms of their needs, and started to work in ever-closer collaboration with them and their grooms. “The development of most of the Dy’on products that we created was based on their requests and remarks, and also their constructive feedback,”Philippe says. “These products were tested at the highest levels, so we knew they were functional and fit for purpose - we always appreciated the feedback from such elite riders, and continue to do so today, with our roster of sponsored riders.”

Eric Lamaze in Dy'on

Here Comes the Bridle
The company continued to grow, and in 1992, Philippe launched the first Dy’on bridlework line, made in England. It boasted classic lines, fine detailing and the company’s striking cream stitching, as well as stainless steel buckles – all marks of quality. The range quickly became popular with the show jumping elite. However, rising production costs meant that within six years, Philippe was faced with a dilemma – should he keep production within the UK, or move it elsewhere, to help keep the retail prices down?

As he could not find a solution to maintain cost-effective, high quality leather, in 1998 Philippe decided to stop producing Dy’on bridlework altogether. However,  two years later in 2000, at the BETA International Trade Fair, Philippe was introduced to an Indian manufacturer who Philippe asked to make a bridle sample. When he received the sample, Philippe was so impressed by its quality that he decided to go to India to set up a workshop, and teach and train a team of workers dedicated to the high quality Dy’on ethos. Bridle production resumed that year, and Philippe is still very proud of the quality leatherwork provided – he regularly receives requests from the leading bridle wear brands to manufacture goods for them. “We have created a close collaboration with skilled leatherwork manufacturers in India,” Philippe explains. “We are creating articles of a high quality, but are keeping the costs more reasonable – unfortunately it wasn’t possible to keep production in Europe, and maintain reasonable costs.

Dyon Classic Figure 8 Noseband Bridle

The Classic Figure 8 Noseband Bridle by Dy'on

All bridlework items manufactured by us are under full control of our reliable, local staff. The Dy’on philosophy was, and continues to be, the constant quest for perfection and innovation. The Dy’on trademark is a guaranteed label of satisfaction, and of this we are immensely proud,” Philippe adds. 

Creation and Craftsmanship
By 2004, Philippe had launched the industry’s first off-the-peg, standard half chaps. The ‘Classic’ line, produced in the company’s Belgian workshop, featured a smart, full-grained leather chap with a back zip closing from bottom to top, and a zipper on the elastic strip for a perfect fit; no matter what the rider’s leg shape These were designed to provide aunique ‘second skin’ fit and feel,for increased sensitivity and communication with the horse, aswell as all-important leg support.“From the beginning, we made sure that each Dy’on product wasinnovate and perfectly manufactured; the creation, craftsmanship, quality of the materials and customer service have been the first four rules of the company since we began, and continue to be of utmost importance,” Philippe adds.

Dyon Classic Mini Half Chaps

Classic Mini Chaps by Dy'on

A Worldwide Network
In 2007, Dy’on added a third mainline of products, which includedquality horse rugs in poly-cottonand wool. Accessories such as stall guards, wraps and bags followed, all in tough, durable textiles. Today’s range also includes all manner of leather accessories, from head collars to horse boots, and the company has a 12-strong workforce to manage production and supply.

For almost ten years now, the company has worked with a network of wholesalers. Philippe maintained the ethos of top quality leatherwear and quality products, creating ranges that would last the test of time, and were renowned throughout the industry. “We now sell almost worldwide, mainly to wholesalers that distribute to regional tack shops,” Philippe says. “We are distributed by companies that recognise our expertise and know the market – they include HorseFitform International in Belgium and France; Equality Line in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark; Equine Industry in Holland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland; Running Fox in the USA and Canada, and Elite Horse in the Middle East. We pretty much have all corners of the globe covered,” Philippe modestly says.

Dy'on X-Fit Anatomic Bridle

The X-FIT Anatomic Bridle by Dy'on

Inspiring other Product Lines
So, with such an impressive network in place, what is the range’s differentiating factor - what sets Dy’on apart from its competitors? The equestrian equipment industry has obviously grown massively in the last twenty years, with any decent product line being replicated by competitors that see the benefits of a range or item, or want to see a similar return on investment. “Product copying of course takes place. Certainly in the market of the half chaps, many brands have been largely inspired by our models - but we are still the only company manufacturing such high-quality products, with quality guarantees, in Belgium,” Philip says. “Apart from our choice of the best material, our unique selling point is that we form close relationships with the main players of our sport – our products are used at the highest levels, and are designed to fit the needs of elite horses and their riders. Plus, every product is still designed by me, rather than someone that is not a rider, and isn’t actively involved in the industry. I know what riders want,” Philippe explains.

Dy'on Anatomic Flash Noseband Bridle

The Anatomic Flash Noseband Bridle by Dy'on

True Retail Values
Few companies within the equestrian sector have been unaffected by the economic climate, which continues to disseminate across the world. “But
we believe that in this crisis time, customers are coming back to true retail values,” Philippe states. “They wish to have quality products, and to own timeless and trustworthy items that will last. Yes, there are cheaper products on the market, but will they last as long, and be such an investment purchase as ours? For most of our clients, horse riding is a priceless pleasure, and they want to enjoy their equipment as much as their riding time. This is especially the case when life is tough. So providing them the most beautiful, durable and well-performing equipment at a reasonable, fair price is Dy’on’s priority. We also focus on a great after-sale service - any repairs or replacements are carried out if needed, and it is points like these that make the difference, and ensure our continued success in this uncertain economic climate.”

Hackamore bridle by Dy'on

The Hackamore Bridle by Dy'on

Quarter Century Anniversary
With the company’s quarter century anniversary approaching, what is Phillipe’s plan for the future? “We plan to increase our sales in Holland, Germany, USA and Canada, and also Asian countries like China and Japan,” he explains. “We are already present in these countries, but need to get bigger and stronger there. We will continue to develop one or two new products each year, which we usually present at the Spoga International Trade Fair for Equestrian Sports in Cologne - we have a booth there every February and September, and find that it is a great opportunity to showcase our latest products to the wider trade marketplace. We are also always on the look-out for ways to innovate existing products – a good example is our anatomic bridle, which features a head piece that starts back at the nape of the neck, and features a crossed throat piece. This has absolutely no poll pressure at all, and is winning accolades from riders of horses that are head-shy, sensitive to poll pressure, or have large or sensitive ears. For dressage riders especially, it allows the horse to soften and perform comfortably.

Cavesson Noseband Bridle by Dy'on

Cavesson Noseband Bridle by Dy'on

We will keep on doing our best to be at the highest level in the equestrian market, and to satisfy our actual clients – that is what it is all about, after all – keeping our customers happy, and keeping their horses happy,” Philippe concludes.

We wanted to add that currently Dy'on is a brand that is outselling its rivals, the Hackamore and Anatomic Bridles by Dy'on receive 5* after 5* reviews from our customers and we are delighted to have these and all other Dy'on products showcased on It is true premium equestrian brands like this that define our business as "The Premium Equestrian Store"



Read more continue financial support for equestrian sport in 2018

By Agnieszka JR announced that despite a slight downtrend in the market in 2017 we will continue to support many brand ambassadors and sponsored riders from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland, Hong Kong and Germany. However, we will sadly be saying goodbye for now to some who have been involved in our journey for quite a while. Our thanks to these few have been extended privately and we wish them all the success in the world with their riding and their horses in the future.

Phoebe Tang Equesrtian Brand Ambassador

2017 has been a tough year with many suppliers sticking hard to wholesale prices and some increasing prices and tightening terms, shows & exhibitions where we sell our products no longer offer any concessions for long term or high value clients. Combine this climate with customer expectations for discounts and altogether better deals on premium equestrian clothing & equipment growing year after year the math is easy to figure out, it equates to challenging financial times.

Brand Ambassadors Pack

In 2017 Just Riding invested in a brand new website which is focused more around the shopping experience for the customer, we employed 3 new full time staff members and an all new state of the art customer service system which supports our new trading policies. We also expanded our in house stock by 100% from the year before. As we move into 2018 we want to shed some older lines through clearance and outlet sales and look to reinvest in one or two new key brands for the future, when I built I promised that I would bring the latest and very best of the equestrian world in terms of equipment and clothing to the masses, by traveling to all the major shows both in Europe and in the United States and that is what I have been doing. 

I have some awesome brands in mind for you guys I have seen, touched and caught the bug for, and cant wait to settle the agreements with the suppliers and get them on the website for pre order and purchase.

In the meantime enjoy the massive discounts and sale on Animo Italia and Montar as well as reductions on a few ex display items from Dyon, eQuick and Kask.


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Equestrian Christmas - 24hr Dispatch

By Agnieszka JR

Express Collection

This year we have launched the "Express Collection" this is a collection of products maintained in real time to ensure absolute availability for our customers.

It can be hard sometimes to ensure stock availability when you have 34 brands and over 60000 product variants. Every single product in the "Express Collection" is available right now! it will be dispatched within 24hrs.

This means that any product ordered from this collection is guaranteed to be received before Christmas if ordered before the 20th.

If you need an equestrian gift to be delivered before Christmas click here and shop away!!

 and as an added bonus if you order between now and 20th December we are offering special "festive shipping" of $20 on all products including sale products including Animo Breeches, Animo Show Coats, Equiline, Dy'on, Kask, KEP Italia and more.

 Festive Equestrian Shipping Offer


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Equestrians Dodge Blood Rule - Body Bandage

By Agnieszka JR

Equestrians dodge the blood rule with the new Body Bandage (Spur Guard) from LOVE HORSES of Italy.

We have been selling the original body bandage (spur guard) for nearly two years, but have seen sales rocket in recent months. Interestingly coinciding with showjumping judges controversial decisions to disqualify both Bertram Allen and Scot Brash under the "Blood Rule" which states something like - any trace of blood found on the horse in this case the horses flank would warrant immediate disqualification.

The fact that the "trace" may have been almost invisible to the eye, matters none.. the rules as they say are the rules.

Equestrians are also starting to see the benefits of the body bandage for non competitive use, one of our customers recently reviewed stating that she liked it because she no longer wore the hair off her horses flank with her boot when she was riding.

Competitive equestrians at the highest level have adopted the body bandage and we have seem the likes of Edwina Tops-Alexander, Constant Van Paesschen, Emanuel Andrade, Faleh Suwead Al Ajami, E. Von Eckermann, N. V. Callerio, Gudrun Patteet and many more using the product in major tournaments in Europe.

Check out our video below which gives a little more information about the Body Bandage and how it is used.

Hurry Selling Out Fast

We have SOLD OUT of all brown but we just taken stock of FULL and X FULL in Black.

 You can order your right here below without even leaving the blog:



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eQuick Extreme Test by Professor Conrad

By Agnieszka JR

Our resident "Professor" puts eQuick Snap Close Tendon boots through their paces at the Professors top secret test facility.

He tries almost everything to destroy the boots even resorting to some pretty extreme measures, you have to wait till the end of the test.

Enjoy the vlog we had good fun making it...

Buy the same boots as shown in the test right here below.



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Jaroslaw Skrzyczynski claims CSI3* 150 and 160, Grand Prix Gold Round crown

By Agnieszka JR

Just Riding is very proud once again to be supporting top international rider Jaroslaw Skrzyczynski (Jarek) with clothing and equipment. 

Jarek claimed top prize's at the prestigious CSI3* Selesia Tour in Poland last week by winning the 150 Longines ranking on Saturday 22nd followed by the top prize 160 Grand Prix on Sunday.

Jaroslaw Skrzyczynski celebrates win

Credit for photo: Magda Pocztowska Photography

Jarek is a highly respected athlete and absolute sporting hero in his country of Poland and we are delighted to be associated with him, our congratulations go to Jarek, his family and his team who have done an awesome job.

Jarek rode to both victories on Calevo 2 an 8 year old Oldenburg gelding owned by Dariusz Slupczynski. 

Jarek Wins

Credit for photo: Swiat Koni

These victories follow an amazing performance last week Jarosław Skrzyczyński and Quintella won contest 145 cm during csi3* Knokke Hippique! and in the same contest he took 4th place on silver shine later taking 2nd place in the Grand Prix.

At Knokke Hippique Jarek demonstrated his world class skill and beat the worlds best riders including Christian Ahlmann and Ludger Beerbaum in the 160 Grand Prix event, and was only very unlucky to have a final fence down resulting in a 4 point penalty.

Jarek and Ola

A great photo here above of Jarek and top international rider Ola Lusina. Both Jarek and Ola ride in Animo Italia.

Jarek chooses to ride in Animo Italia eQuick KASK Dy'on and Lorenzini provided by Just Riding

Ola chooses to ride in Animo Italia eQuick KASK and Lorenzini provided by Just Riding

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Hocor Professional Supplements for Horses

By Management Team


This week I wanted to speak about HOCOR, Just Riding is well known for partnering with the worlds best brands and up until now we had only sold Global Medics supplements as we believe they were the best possible supplement available presently for your horse. Now there is a new kid in town, HOCOR and in our opinion these are shaping up to be a contender for the top spot.

In this short article I will begin to try to explain why your horses need HOCOR and why top riders are starting to turn to HOCOR for their horses nutritional needs because they can not match the content anywhere else.

Over the last 10 years your demand on your horse has increased exponentially, many supplements have changed but few have evolved. 

Let us first introduce the line of 6 products that make up the entire HOCOR professional range. In this brief article I will speak about HOCOR Complete.

HOCOR Complete

Available in 1.5kg and 3kg tubs (Also available in 10kg bags for professional yards)

We have 3 products within the "General Care" range:

Hocor Complete  perfect for horses in light to medium workload

  • strengthens immunity
  • improves digestion
  • increases efficiency
  • regenerates sells

Hocor Performance is ideal for  sports horses that are under a lot of stress and physical exhaustion

  • contains antioxidants
  • restores mineral deficiencies
  • beneficial effect on nervous system
  • speeds up regeneration processes

Hocor Titanium for strong hooves and shiny coat

  • strengthens and nourishes hoof
  • supports regular growth
  • has an antimycotic effect
  • increases frog resistance

and 3 more in the "Expert Line" range.

Hocor Respiro+ cough and allergy symptomatic treatment

  • protects horses from free radicals
  • easily digested
  • anti inflammatory effect

Hocor Regen + Ideal for horses recovering after illnesses, operations as well as for those in poor condition

  • high concentration of Vitamin C and magnesium
  • immunity enhancer
  • restores mineral deficiencies

Hocor Digest + for horses suffering from and prone to gastric ulcers

  • contains phytobiotics
  • antihepapatoxic properties
  • helps to stop bleeding 
  • supports liver function and the healing processes

HOCOR are working with a UK based rider Claire O'Hara who is currently testing our products on her sport horses they and have just secured an agreement to supply products for the horses of Italian professional rider Alberto Violante seen here below:

Alberto Violante

If someone were to ask me, what's the difference between HOCOR and another typical off the shelf brand of supplement it would be almost impossible to verbally describe in terms of the gap between the two but I'll take a couple of examples below and give it a try:

Let's take a look at HOCOR Complete and compare it to an off the shelf brand which is also marketed as a "General Purpose" or "Complete" supplement / product for your horse.

HOCOR contains a very high quality protein which is extracted from a yeast called yarrowia lypolitica this is a patented product which is only found in two commercial products throughout the world.

The complex explanation which will be followed by a simple explanation is that Yarrowia lipolytica are dimorphic yeast forming cream-coloured, irregular colonies with numerous hyphae. They occur naturally in margarine, cereal plants, high-protein meat products, vegetables, frozen food and wine.

They belong to non-pathogenic microorganisms, and processes it participates in have the status of „Generally Recognised as Safe” (GRAS). Contrary to Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast processing simple sugars, this strain uses fats (vegetable fatty acids, including unsaturated acids) as a source of carbon and energy.

It is slightly confusing, but if you take your horses health seriously then it's worth hanging on.

Let me try to create a simple metaphor, imagine lake number 1 is a stunning crystal clear lake, the sunshine bounces off the shimmering surface. Now imagine lake number 2 a dark, nasty looking lake which actually looks more like swamp. Are you going to eat the fish caught in lake number 1 or the fish caught in lake number 2?

"the yeast from which HOCOR protein is extracted has a high biological value of 80%"

Due to its unique physiological and biochemical properties the strain offers a huge biotechnological potential.

Hocor Supplements Our Own Horses

*Our own sports horses above benefit from HOCOR feed and supplements

It is characterised by:

  • high protein content between 42% and 47% 
  • High dry mass content (97%)
  • Low raw ash content (5%).

Protein from that yeast is particularly valuable, because of high content of lysine. It is also characterised by good absorbability. Also the high phenylalanine, valine, tryptophan and isoleucin content is notable. Moreover, protein from Yarrowia lipolytica yeast has a high biological value of 80 %.

I had a look at the label of a typical off the shelf complete product, the protein content was listed at around 13%, HOCOR Complete has a protein content of at least 42% remembering that this is also a very high quality protein.

Lets talk about Amino Acids for horses

Speak to anyone who trains particularly athletes or body builders and they will tell you all about BCAA's (Branch Chain Amino Acids) and how critical they are.

The fact is horses just like humans need them! we need Amino Acids, they are the building blocks of protein.

Here is a little know fact for you: Essential amino acids cannot be made by the horse. As a result, they must come from food / diet. The 9 essential amino acids are: histidineisoleucineleucinelysine,methioninephenylalaninethreoninetryptophan, and valine.

I found this great video below which explains Amimo Acids for horses and also reiterates the importance of using a high quality protein.

Video Credited to: Forage First Nutrition FF19, ADM Alliance Nutrition and The Horse Show with Rick Lamb

"HOCOR Complete contains 16 Amino Acids"

We are still looking at HOCOR Complete as an example and an off the shelf popular branded general purpose or "complete" product. HOCOR has 16 Amino Acids while the other brand has 2, we have already learned that there are 9 essential Amino Acids which the horse can not make themselves, so where is your horse getting the other 7 essential Amino Acids from?

Animo Acids for Horses

Sports Equestrians would not consider using an ill fitted saddle in competition or a bit that wasn't right for their horses mouth in fact when you think about the lengths of some forum threads created about which bit to use, the mind literally boggles equestrian can talk for months about that one subject and spend thousands on the "right" saddle. Yet when it comes to their horses nutrition many are happy to put cost before any other consideration which to me, quite frankly is utter madness. I rate what I put inside my horses above anything that I put on them.

HOCOR Complete (the product I have been speaking about in this brief article) is available to purchase from our store. 

In the coming weeks I will be writing about the other products in the HOCOR range and how each one will benefit your horse and help you to achieve the results you want from your riding. 

Remember whether you jump, event or dressage your horse is an athlete, he must be treated like one.


OFFER ENDS 30/08/17





The views and opinions expressed on this web site are soley those of the original authors and other contributors. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of Just Riding, the staff, and/or any/all contributors to this site.

Read more supports para showjumper Evie Toombes

By Agnieszka JR

Around 2 years ago we crossed paths with an amazing young lady called Evie Toombes, due to my connection with a boot manufacturer and working at the time as an agent for said company I was able to introduce her to the possibility of receiving some boots on a sponsorship basis, for some reason the deal just never quite came off and so we picked up the tab for the boots and remained in contact. 

I am such a busy person clearing at least 60 emails per day is the norm for me and I rarely have time to look at anything specifically I usually just power glance at each mail and try to delegate the best I can, but Caroline's (Evie's mum) emails always stopped me in my tracks and left me considering just how great this young rider was and how fortunate I am to have my own health in good order.

Evie is struggling with what she writes about quite eloquently on her own blog, Lipomyelomeningocele which is a form of Spina Bifida. She did undergo surgeries to try to rectify the issues but has been left with challenges. You can find Evie Toombes blog here it is called "Find a way not an excuse" <<< we love that!!

Despite her condition Evie's passion for riding seems to win out over everything, I receive emails and photo's of Evie regularly on her horse competing up and down the country at various shows. Not intent on simply competing in small regional shows Evie has gone further and competed at Bolesworth, the national championships at Stoneleigh. Evie also won the grade III senior para showjumping at the National RDA Champs in Hartpury and was selected for training with Dame Emma Jane Brown. Her commitment to her sport of riding and accomplishments for a girl of just 15 are phenomenal.

I decided that we would offer Evie a place on our "team" as a brand ambassador from May 2017. We at Just Riding think that Evie is what the sport is all about, passion, commitment and lots of hard work! We are absolutely honoured that Evie accepted our offer and we are humbled to be a part of Caroline and Evie's world.

As part of our Brand Ambassadors deal Evie will be supported with discounted and sometimes cost price products as well as some products for free throughout the year.

We hope that the little we have to offer will help Evie with her riding and look forward to many years of collaboration. Currently Evie rides in Animo Italia, KEP Italia and Parlanti Passion.

Here are a few photos of Evie in action...


 Evie Toombes para showjumper

Evie Toombes para showjumper 2


Evie Toombes para showjumper 3


Evie Toombes Para Showjumper 4


Evie Toombes brand ambassador for


Read more