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Giving Back

As a company we are incredibly proud of the fact that we have no shareholders, no outside investment and are still 100% family run.

Just Riding will be 10 years old in 2018, we started the business or at least the idea of the business in the UK in around 2008 but actually only registered the company as a stand alone business 5 years ago and launched online in 2012. We have striven through trials and tribulations, there has quite literally been blood, sweat and tears getting to where we are today. We still love what we do, the brands, the horses, the people and the journey so far.

The moment Just Riding started to turn a profit we started to give back.

Value of products given back to the riding industry directly to riders since 2015.

Amount Given Back

We give back on average €10,500.00 per year each and every year, that's around €25 per day.

Sponsored Riders Pack 1  Sponsored Riders Pack 2  Sponsored Riders Pack 3

It is the loyalty and support of our customers that allows us to do this.

The figure above does not take into the consideration savings made by our brand ambassadors from the store wide discounts and often cost price offers put in place exclusively for them.

Our brand ambassador program works in such a way that they can get access to our products at cost price, allowing them to purchase more of what they need to aid their riding and develop their skills. We also give many of our brand ambassadors items such as saddles pads, rugs, ear nets and even supplements and clothing completely free throughout the year.

Our sponsored riders who receive a full annual clothing and equipment sponsorship are provided with pretty much everything they need from Just Riding completely free. 

Believe me, we wish as a company and as a family that everyone could have a full sponsorship and that we could support all of you to the absolute maximum level possible. We eat, breath and sleep horses and although I do occasionally pop over a fence I am no professional anymore and so I love watching all the videos of our ambassadors and sponsored riders competing and seeing all the fantastic photos from the shows on our Facebook page, and the thank you's we get from our riders when they receive something. It makes it all completely worthwhile.

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." - Winston Churchill

You can see all of our Brand Ambassadors and Sponsored Riders for 2017 right here

These future talents that we support are not from one country. we have supported and continue to support young riders in the UK, Germany, US even South Africa and the Far East. 

Our official foundation was due to be set up in 2017, however despite much effort we have been unable to recover financially from the fire which took our stables and so the idea of extending our charitable work to an equine adoption and re-homing facility is now very much on hold.

The stable building and facilities were completed in 2016 using profits from the store, sadly we suffered a massive set back when we lost the building in an accidental fire later in the same year. Due to insurance "complications" we received a very small amount back to help with the rebuild.

To see the photos of the build and the video of the fire click here