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About Us

Just Riding is a family run store and we are open at these hours:

(Mon to Friday)

  • GMT - 08:00 till 16:00
  • EST - 03:00 till 11:00
  • PST - 00:00 till 08:00

At present we do not work on weekends, largely to do with our commitments to the horses. 

Kinga Here we have Kinga who joined us in May 2017, Kinga will be responsible for dispatch as well as helping out with social media and working at shows. Kinga is also a keen horse rider and so she will also be "mucking" in at the yard when required. We are looking forward to seeing Kinga grow with our business.





Staff About Us Page OlaSadly Ola no longer works for Just Riding full time as she needed to concentrate on her studies. However she still works for us part time for shows and events. We are glad to keep Ola around as she is a very loyal person and full of enthusiasm and makes everyone laugh which is important! :-)

Kamil ITKamil is the cheerful chap wearing the glasses, he is a  programmer and all round IT guru, Kamil built Justriding.com from the ground up, he now works part time for Just Riding helping us to keep the web sites up and running.

Anna About Us PageAnna who you can just about make out sitting on the horse with the grey t shirt is a force in herself, when everyone is tired and had enough Anna has energy for everyone! She works at pretty much all the shows, so if you happen to wonder onto our trade stand at any of the major shows then you are likely to meet Anna.

Victoria OwnerLast but not least we have Victoria who oversee’s it all.








Just Riding also employs several freelance graphic designers, coders and developers and marketing people in the UK and abroad when required, all of which play a huge part in realising our dream.

Brief Insight

A small insight into the infrastructure here at JR, below are some images of our mobile and static store. We maintain a huge level of stock here at Just Riding. Spread across all of our brands.

Mobile Store Stock Just Riding Shop

We have invested in 2 freephone numbers one for the UK and one for the US as our website attracts customers globally and it is important to us to make it as easy and inexpensive as possible for our customers to contact us. We also subscribe monthly to a live chat facility for additional support. 0800 014 8882 and 877 253 5182

We have an office and warehouse for distribution just outside of Warsaw, Poland and the other is a satellite office near Southampton, UK which is used for UK returns. We now distribute nearly all of our stock out of Warsaw as it’s cheaper and more convenient. We still offer next day UK delivery on all stock items.

The company was born in the living room of Victoria’s house on an old laptop initially selling one or two helmets on eBay. After considerable investment and through sheer persistence and determination (and juggling being a mum) the company has continued to grow and nearly 10 years after the concept was first considered we are proud to be responsible for providing an income for several employees and their families, sponsoring several riders, supporting young ambassadors and representing some of the largest brands in the world as both retailers and distributors.

Victoria is a rider and her love for horses is what inspired Just Riding to begin with, since day one a percentage of all profit from sales through Just Riding has gone back into the sport, via brand ambassadors, sponsorship's, and other donations. We are a family run company and also one big family, by shopping with us and supporting Just Riding you are supporting all of us you see here above, our families, our causes oh and our hungry horses of course!

Thank you!

Anyone can open an online store but few can do it properly! 
Mark Addison-Nash*
Marketing Guru